Set Up Your Inventory Feed: Manual

If you use a POS that does not support automatic reporting, you can manually upload your inventory. Start by running a report from your system with just two columns of data: UPC and Quantity on Hand. If your POS does not allow to to specify which columns to export, export all columns and use excel to trim it to the two UPC/QOH columns Locally requires. The file should be a .CSV or .TXT file.  

Your spreadsheet should look exactly like this:

Dropbox Method Most manual uploaders use Dropbox to save time. Locally can sync with a shared Dropbox folder on your system. Instead of having to login to your account to upload inventory, you  drop your new file into a Dropbox folder and Locally will do the rest.

  1. Download Dropbox onto your main computer where your POS is located.

  2. Create a new folder "Locally" and share the folder with Drop your inventory file here and give it a file name that is easy to use every time.

  3. Contact us and let us know you would like to complete your setup. We will setup our connection with this folder and enable your inventory.

Once this is setup, you can run your inventory report and save it into the dropbox folder. The file name must always be the same, so that it overwrites the previous file. If you change the name- even by adding an extra letter or an extra space- our system will not recognize your file.

Our Dropbox sync runs every hour, so your inventory may not immediately refresh.

Manual upload method Login to your account and select "Upload Inventory" on the left-hand menu. Select "Manual Upload" and upload your file.

That's it! Your inventory will refresh within the next 15 minutes. Aim to keep your inventory updated every 24 hours, or at least every 48 hours. After 72 hours of not receiving a new file, Locally will begin the process of purging your inventory so that shoppers aren't being presented with stale info. 

Getting an error message when trying to upload your file? Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure your file looks exactly like the screenshot above. Extra columns or rows- like headers generated by your POS, or additional product info- can cause an issue. Manually edit your file in Excel to look like above.
  • Try re-saving your file as a .csv and upload again. Our system tends to like those the best.
  • Make sure you are sending us UPC codes, and not your own store-generated SKUs or style numbers. UPC codes are typically 12 digits and provided by your brand. You can download UPC codes for any participating brand in your account.

Contact us to review your file.

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