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Please note that Stock Sharing/Switch Reports are available at an additional cost. If you are interested in learning more and signing up, please contact your account manager!

Need a quick refresher? Here is an overview of Locally Switch.

How do I get retailers to participate in Stock Sharing?

The Brand will need to get permission from its retailers to share information.

  1. Head to Relationship Manager.
  2. Type in the name of the store, select it, and send the request (make sure "Stock Sharing"
     is shown on the right side as you type the request)
  3. Send the request to have retailers opt-in to "stock-sharing" via the Relationship Manager function in your Locally dashboard.

Here is an Overview of Relationship Manager.

Do you have an example email I can send to retailers when sending a request?

I’ve sent a “Stock Sharing” request using Locally’s Relationship Manager tool, which will enable you to opt-into allowing us to access daily stock levels at your location.  

Whichever email(s) you used to claim your your Locally account should have just received an email notifying you of my request. Click the link in the email to approve.

If you didn’t get an email, you can approve the request directly in the Locally dashboard instead. Simply go to https://www.locally.com/station/panel/pending_bsr_requests/index and click “Approve” next to the request.  

If you have any questions, please let me know. We may also loop in Locally’s retailer team at support@locally.com if any special assistance is required.

Can unauthorized stores participate in this?

You can request Stock Sharing from a store that isn’t authorized to display on your website. So, you can request the retailer participate in Stock Sharing without having to add them to your store locator.

Can we recall past reports in the API if we missed a day of retrieving the report?

We do not currently have a way to recall past reports in the API if you miss a day. This is on the roadmap but with no scheduled date.

How often does the report run?

The report runs nightly and data will be available next day. At this time stores are manually added on a every Friday. Talk to your Client Support Manager if you would like to change the date or frequency of when stores are added. 

How do I get a list of retailers that are utilizing Locally?

Load your Company Dashboard and then click on the “download” buttons to the right. For Stock Reporting , you’ll want to focus on the Stocking Dealer Report.

Will my Report UUID every change?

No, the UUID should remain the same and should never change.

What does report range mean?

The report range is simply the number of days the report looked back for activity. If your report is always going back a day, this would always say “1”. 

Does split_id change over time for the split_name?

The “split_id” should not change and should match the “split_name”. 

How many stores should I be expecting to come through the API?

If you login to the dashboard and go to Switch, you can see the number of splits and that will equal the number of stores you should see coming through.

What does it mean if the STORE.VENDOR_ID comes back with a “0” for some stores?

This means those stores were not given a vendor_id on the dealer list. If you login to the dashboard and go to manage your list, you can add a vendor_id to each of the missing ones to resolve this.

If the PRODUCT_UPCs ‘quantity on hand’ value changes, does the ‘stock_updated’ date also change?

If QOH changes then so should STOCK_UPDATED. 

If I see an old date under STOCK_UPDATED, what does that mean?

The STOCK_UPDATED value is the date when the last QOH change occurred for that UPC. If it looks like an old date, that means we have not received any updates for that UPC in that location since the last stated date.

Does the nightly report send the QOH for all UPCs that the store ever updated even if it was not a recent update?

The report will send QOH for any UPCs in-stock that match the Locally catalog. If a retailer has a UPC that is for some reason, not in our catalog, you will not see that on your report. Contact your Client Support Manager if you would like to add additional UPCs to your catalog!

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