Product Locator Overview

The Product Locator is an embeddable widget which can be installed on any web page. The widget displays the in-stock availability of any product nearest to the viewer's geographic location. It also allows a viewer to reserve or buy products for in-store pickup directly from local stores without leaving your site.

The widget is contained of a single line of Javascript and a single line of HTML. It will run on any web page, including secure web pages. It will attempt to fill the visible space on an HTML page as elegantly as possible. The widget "draws" HTML on the page where it is embedded so it is very easy to style it with simple CSS.

The product page will need to pass either a style number, a UPC/EAN, or a set of UPC/EANs to the embed code via the query string in the embed code. For example, your embed code might have &style=1234 in it's query string. Just replace 1234 with the style number of the product. Alternatively, you can pass one or more UPC/EANs to the query string, like this &upc=863538186341.

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