Locally Switch Overview

Locally Switch is an opt-in data sharing platform for second and third parties.

There are 2 components:

  • Relationship Manager
  • Report Builder

Any company wishing to participate in data sharing with their retail/brand/marketing partners must get positive consent from the other companies. Data reports are generated daily and are accessible via a simple REST API and (optionally) a hosted SFTP server. Hundreds of different data elements can be shared: product catalog, store quantity on hand, platform consumer behavior data, locations, opportunity, and more. All data is paired with geocoded metrics which illustrate Locally's platform usage across the entire ecosystem.

Switch is available to Locally's brand and retailer clients as an add-on to their service. Switch is available to 3rd party firms (marketing/analytics) on a per-client or rev share basis.

Locally does not sell client data.

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