Global Support

Locally offers two main levels of International Support. 

Store Locator / Product Locator Translations

Every Locally client can install Locally's Store Locator and Product Locator in 13 different languages. As an example, check out Thule's French Canadian Store Locator.

To install Locally's Store locator and Product Locator with translations for your site, add or edit the parameter in your Store Locator embed code for the language indicated:

English: "lang": ""en-us"
German: "lang": "de-de"
Spanish: "lang": "es-es"
Finnish: "lang": "fi-fi"
French: "lang": "fr-fr"
French Canadian: "lang": "fr-ca"
Japanese: "lang": "ja-jp"
Norweigan: "lang": "no-no"
Chinese: "lang": "zh-cn"
Italian: "lang": "it-it"
Swedish: "lang": "sv-se"
Polish: "lang": "pl-pl"
Dutch: "lang": "nl-nl"
Russian: "lang": "ru-ru"
Korean: "lang": "ko-ko"

Support Real-Time Retailer Inventory, Globally

Opt to support inventory in multiple countries by adding additional catalog support to your contract. Locally operates in over 20 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, where countless retailers feed real-time inventory to nearby shoppers.

To take advantage of this, contact your Locally Account Manager about adding supporting for retailers in additional countries. 


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