Helpful Reports/Tracking

Potential Retailers Sharing Inventory

You may want to review the dealers who are potentially sharing your inventory who are not authorized/on your dealer list. These are dealers we have detected as showing your inventory that aren't on your dealer list. They will not show on your tools and they are not allowed to show inventory. We don't add any dealers to your list, so you'll want to review this list for dealers you might have missed.

1. Go here and select Download Inventory Report.

2. Sort via Column M, "is_authorized"

3. Review any retailers with a 0. If they should be authorized accounts, highlight them on this list and send to your Client Support Manager to add to your dealer list.

Transactions Through Locally

1. Go to Dashboard > Order History and you'll see recent transactions.

Confirmed = Transaction was completed by retailers, Retailer Declined = Retailer couldn't fulfill the order
Hold = ROPIS Reserver Online Pick Up In Store, Order = BOPIS Buy Online Pick Up in Store
Note that many shoppers will just go to the store and these are just the ROPIS/BOPIS orders.

Brand Analytics

Your Acccount Manager will go over definitions with you. You will want to keep copies of your analytics as we only keep three months at a time due to the large amounts of data.

Go to Analytics. For each screen, select the date range

Load all and then download at the bottom.

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