Product Locator Install Guidance - Adobe Commerce/Magento

You will need to ensure you have already configured your store pages and product detail pages and that you have either a UPC or Style Number somewhere on each product page. Here is more information on creating a configurable product in Magento.

If you do not have an attribute for UPC, you may need to create it first. Here is for more information on creating attributes.
Once you have your Attribute, you will need to edit each Attribute Set. 

Under the Product section, create an attribute called UPC (or alternatively, Style Number). You will need to edit each attribute set. Move this UPC attribute from the Unassigned group to the group where you would like it to display. Here is more information on attribute sets.

In your PDP layout, you will need to determine where you are placing the code and then locate or create the section where you want to paste the embed code. This is usually under the Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons.

Helpful Tip!

See this page for information on how to create and reference a container.

Once you have located/created the new section, you will paste the Product Locator embed code from your wizard into this container. The UPC (or Style) parameter will need to be changed per PDP so you will need to write a script to call the UPC attribute into the code.

Placement of Code

As a best practice, we recommend placing the embed code somewhere under your product content/detail, usually in the main product area under the Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons.

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For specific questions, feel free to reach out to your Implementation Manager for further support.

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