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You will need to ensure you have already configured your store pages and product detail pages and that you have either a UPC or Style Number somewhere on each product page. You will be installing the Product Locator in a new section within the Product Detail Page and will need to call the product ID (UPC or Style Number) into the code using a script.

Placement of Code

As a best practice, we recommend placing the embed code somewhere under your product content/detail, usually in the Main Content Area in a Widget.

Create a new section with a Display Type of Widget. Here you can paste the embed code. There is one more step in order for the product locator to function correctly, you must write a script to add the UPC or Style Number (Product ID) into the code on each PDP. 

Here are some helpful links directly to Salesforce documentation that might assist you with your installation. 

Product Detail Page

Configure Product Info and Options on the Product Detail Page

Creating Page Sections

Show Custom Content on the Product Detail Page

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