Product Locator for OEMs: Installing with another brand's UPCs

You may be installing the Product Locator tool for another brand's product. For example, you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer, so a different brand utilizes your technology in their product and you have this product featured on your site.

First, make sure you've collected all necessary UPCs for the products featured on your site. You can download brands' catalogs directly from the Locally dashboard if needed! Just follow these instructions. Reach out to your implementation manager if you have any access issues.

Once you receive the Product Locator wizard link from your implementation manager, follow these installation instructions to place the Product Locator widget on your site and adjust the UPC parameter for each PDP, using the UPCs you collected.

Important Note!

Due to the nature of your brand's setup, your Product Locator tool must be installed using the UPC parameter. Using a Style Number parameter will not work.

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