Link to Product Locator Results

You can now link customers directly to specific store/product results within the Product Locator using the instructions below. You can grab the link from your Product Locator modal, or build the URL using this formula. 

Load a specific store/product combination from the Product Locator modal

  1. Open the Product Locator modal on the product page that you want to direct the shopper to.
  2. Select the store that you'd like to show.
  3. Click "Save for Later" and copy the link. This link will direct you back to the exact view of the Product Locator for this store.

Load the multi-store Product Locator view for a given product from the modal

  1.  Follow steps 1-3 above. 
  2. Once you have the link from the Product Locator modal, remove the store ID parameter from the URL. 
    • Remove the “&__lcly_sfl_store_id=____” parameter. See the bolded section here: 

With the store_id parameter removed, the Product Locator modal will load to display the multi-store list view:

Build the link yourself

Here is the template link: 

  1. Enter the Store ID where it says __lcly_sfl_store_id=285141. If you do not want the store specific link, remove the __lcly_sfl_store_id=285141& from the URL. 
  2. Enter the product ID where it says __lcly_sfl_product_id=ABC123
  3. Enter the UPC where it says __lcly_sfl_upc=123456789101
  4. Enter the style number where it says __lcly_sfl_style=ABC12345
  5. Enter the correct URL you want to modal to load on where you see __lcly_sfl_redirect_url=

The new edited URL will link to the product page with the Product Locator modal open and displaying all local dealers. Questions? Reach out to for assistance. 

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