Step 2: Manage and Enhance Your Listing

Your next step is to make your store listing(s) stand out with a logo, hours, and social links. The coolest part is that Locally is a central hub for hundreds of websites, so any changes that you make within your Locally account are reflected across all of those brand partner sites.

Start by logging into your account here.

Manage your Brand Relationships

First, review our Relationship Manager support article

  1. Select "Brand Relationships" and then Relationship Manager
  2. Use this page to request to be added/removed from brands' dealer lists 

  1. It's important that your logo is formatted so that it displays correctly across all websites and tools. You can use our Canva template here to ensure your logo is formatted correctly.
  2. Open up Company Info. Note that any changes made here will be reflected across all of your locations
  3. Select the company that you would like to edit
  4. Select "Edit" under "Color Logo Image"
  5. Upload a file (something like 400x400 is typically a high enough resolution)
  6. Click "Save this Company Profile"

Add Your Store Hours (necessary for Buy It Locally)

Head over to your store locations, and again note that any changes made here are specific to that location. Select the store that you would like to edit and click on the “Hours” tab and confirm that you’re in the right time zone.

First, set your Standard Hours: these are your normal operating hours that will display to shoppers. Set these.

If you have a break in the day, input the first set of hours and then click add additional times to do the second set of hours.


Then, schedule any Special/Holiday Hours (optional): 

  • Special hours will override your standard hours on the selected date(s).
  • If a special hours is applied, Locally will visually distinguish this for shoppers by marking it with an asterisk * and a label "Special Hours" so shoppers understand it is an exception to your standard hours. 

Explore adding "Highlights" (optional): 

  • Highlights are simple labels that display on a specified date to call-out a specific block of time. You can use it to highlight any in-store happening you'd like to bring visibility to.
  • Think of highlights as "Events Lite." If you'd like to bring even more visibility to a particular in-store happening, explore using our Events feature 

In this example, a retailer is using "Highlights" to promote "By Appointment" only hours when their store is otherwise closed: 

Check out this video for more information on how to setup special/holiday hours and highlights for your store.

Edit Your Address

  1. Select the "Location” tab to ensure that your address is listed correctly.
  2. We source  information from brand’s dealer lists and Google’s API, so if it’s wrong here you may want to check your Google My Business profile!
  3. Click "Save This Store"
  1. Lastly, select the "Contact and Social” tab to edit store-specific links
  2. Check that your phone number is correct
  3. If you have specific pages for this store on your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc, enter them here

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