Step 1: Claim Your Account

To claim your Locally account, head to:

Start typing in the name of your company in the "Company Name" field and select it when it appears in the drop-down menu. Fill out the rest of the form to create your account.

If you cannot find your store: please contact us and let us know which company/store you are attempting to claim, and we will get you on your way!

Locally will send you an email to confirm your account. Be sure to complete this step!

Once confirmed, your account will be created and you'll be in control of your store information. You can access your account info at any time by selecting the blue tab on the left side of the screen.

Note: Often, once you've claimed & confirmed your account you'll receive a welcome email from our support team ensuring that you're attached to the right account. We'll double check your address, logo, and social links before sending this email.  

If your retailer account was already claimed by someone else from the company, they will receive an email asking to confirm your account request. If that person no longer works at your company, contact Locally and we'll reset it for you.

  Next Step: Enhance Your Profile

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