Locally Landing Pages: Dynamic Header and Footer Design

It is possible to control the header and footer HTML of your Locally Landing Pages. This includes control over CSS and Javascript.

In order to do this, please provide us with a URL (or URLs - if you are supporting multiple locales/languages) with the following JSON based response format:

"header" => ".... header HTML....",
"footer" => "...footer HTML...",
"js" => "... tags and/or inline code...",
"css" => "...tags and/or inline code...",

Important Considerations

  • The header and footer JSON elements should only include HTML pertaining to the header and footer itself, no extraneous elements should be included.
  • The header and footer HTML should only include block or inline element types. It should not include tags like <head>, <body> or <meta>, etc.
  • The header and footer HTML should not include any inline Javascript.
  • The css rules and selectors should be namespaced so that styles only affect your header and footer and not the rest of the Locally Landing Pages.
  • The js element may load 3rd party scripts, however you cannot load the jQuery library as it will conflict with the jQuery library we already have installed. If you need to use jQuery, please just assume that jQuery is already loaded on all pages.

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