Locally Landing Pages: Adding, Removing, and Editing Store Feature Blocks

Add A Block

On the left-hand menu, go to Locally Landing Pages > Store Features

Choose a store location from the pulldown. To add a new store block, click "Create A New Store Feature"

In the screenshots above: on the left you can see the editing process compared to the finished version on the right. Complete the fields as follows:

  • Add a name to the store block. That'll be the "headline" above the body text.
  • Select the store
  • In "Related Brands & Retailers," select your company's name. This ensures it is applied to your tools correctly.  
  • Upload an image
  • Add body text. We use markup formatting. For help, click the "Help Formatting" link above the text area or contact us
  • Check the "Header is nested" box if you'd like the "headline" to fit next to the image, above the body text. For comparison, here is what it looks like without "header is nested" checked:

Edit or Move a Block

The blocks will show in order from top to bottom:

To move the order, click and drag to a new position.

To edit, click on the pencil icon.

Working with Content Block Templates?

Be sure to review this article for important notes concerning Content Block Template editing.

Remove a Block

To remove a block, click on the trash icon.

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