Locally Landing Pages: Bulk Content Templates

Follow these steps to create a Content Block Template.

  1. Go to Locally Landing Pages > Content Block Templates
  2. Click Add your first content block template now.
  3. Add your headline, image and body text.
  4. Specify whether you'd like the block to show first or last.

  1. Click Enable Expiration if you'd like the block to start and end at a certain time. This is great for sales and promotions that should only be promoted for a set time.

  1. Find your exact brand name for Related Brands & Retailers
  2. Enter the category tag here to apply the block to all stores in a category. This is case sensitive and must match an entered category. Check here to see your exact category tags. At this time, only ONE category can be entered per template block.

  1. Click Save the Content Block Template. If you don't have enable expiration checked, these will generate immediately. If you have enable expiration checked, the blocks will appear at your start time.

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