Designing Your Tools

Store Locator

The store locator is dropped into one of your pages. The styling for your Store Locator is not inherited from your site, so we will need to match your site before embedding.

You have two options

1. Let Locally match your site. 90% of brands pick this option and love our choices. Once your Store Locator is presented, you can request tweaks.

2. Have your design team design and customize the available options.

  If your design team is providing the design, here are the options.

Please note: If you are looking for extensive design options, we can do some customizations for an additional fee.

Product Locator

The Product Locator inherits your existing styling and can be styled more with additional CSS on your site. Your Product Locator type can be changed at any point, but we'd like to start you with a PL Type. Here are your options:

Option 1: On-Page/Open (Recommended)

The Product Locator can render as a robust on-page widget that presents nearby stores and product availability directly on your PDPs.

ASICS' Product Locator renders under "Want it today?" below Add to Cart. It features the two closest inventory matches or dealers to the user. Load the GEL-Nimbus Lite 2 to view. Jump to Chicago, IL for inventory. This option gives you the most analytic data because it is recording the stores loaded per page load.

Option 2: Button or Text Link

A simple button or text link on your PDP launches Locally's modal to show nearby product availability.

Darn Tough launches their Product Locator as a "Like to Shop Locally? We dig that. FIND A STORE" link below Add to Cart. Load the Women's Bear Town to view. Jump to Ann Arbor, MI for inventory.

Option 3: Button + Drop Down

The last option is a button that opens a drop-down to reveal nearby availability.

Thule shows the Find it Locally button above the fold and when the shopper click, the dealers display on page. Load the Thule UpRide in Portland, OR to see it in action.

Next Step: Tool Installation

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