Audit Your In Stock Inventory

You can use Locally's stock audit function to troubleshoot your inventory file. First, head to your Locally dashboard and select the In-Stock Reports tab. 

Next, choose which location you'd like to run a report for and hit Generate Report. You'll see a history of your previous reports below. 

Once the report is generated (it may take a few minutes), you'll be able to see a snapshot of how many UPC/EAN were in your file and how many our system recognized.

  • 5761 UPCs checked against Locally master catalog
  • 5761 UPCs exist in Locally master product catalog

100% of UPCs are covered by Locally catalog system
The number of UPC/EAN checked is the total number of UPC/EAN we are receiving from you. The number of UPC/EAN that exist are the UPC/EAN that are actually in our product catalogs.

In this instance, our system recognized all 5761 UPCs included in the inventory report. There was one UPC/EAN for a brand that we weren't partnered with, so that UPC/EAN won't be broadcast online.

You can download the actual report for more information. Open the .csv in your preferred data viewing client to dive in. If there is only a brand name listed with no product information it means we identified that UPC as belonging to that brand, but that specific product is not in the catalog that we received from the brand. This is typically because that item is from a previous season. If there is neither a brand name nor a product name, that means our system couldn't recognize the UPC at all. This could be because:

  1. We're not partnered with that brand
  2. We are partnered with that brand, but it's an old UPC
  3. The UPC doesn't exist in the database we search outside of our master catalog

If you are using our Cart to Cart feature, you will see an additional column titled `bopis_enabled` that will show you which products are enabled for Cart to Cart (`1`), and which products are only available in-store and not on your website (`0`).

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