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  • Retailers can opt-in to display their in-store selling prices on most of the Locally platform - Locally.com, retailer websites, 3rd party integrations, and certain brand sites.
  • On brand websites, brands can choose to either manage the pricing that is displayed (MSRP) or allow retailer selling prices to display. If the latter, in the future brands will have the option to upload "minimum display prices" that override any lower retailer selling prices. Brands, head here

How do I submit my prices to Locally?

Submit your prices to Locally by including price in your Inventory Feed. View instructions in our article Step 3: Set Up Your Inventory Feed by finding your POS system or following the universal instructions. 

Then, opt in by emailing Locally at support@locally.com and requesting to enable in-store prices. There is no cost to enable this. Retailers must be accepting at least one Buy It Locally transaction type to participate.  

Where will my prices display and where will they not display?

Your prices will display on the following parts of the Locally platform:

On brand sites, Locally displays the price that brands provide (typically MSRP) by default, but brands can opt into allowing retailer selling prices to display. Starting in 2021, brands who allow it have the option to set "Minimum Display Prices" which will display if your price is lower. 

What prices are displayed if I do not opt into displaying my prices?

If you do not display your prices, Locally displays the price provided by our brand partner (MSRP).

What if a brand site is displaying MSRP and I get a Locally order for a product I have a lower price for?

If you have opted in to displaying your in-store prices but your inventory is displaying on a brand site is displaying MSRP, you may receive an order for a product at a higher price than you are selling it for in-store. Based on the transaction type, follow these steps:  

  • Reservation for Store Pickup: let the shopper know the good news that your actual price is lower by using the messaging thread in the order screen,
  • Payment for Store Pickup or Same-Day Delivery: confirm the sale and then login into your Stripe dashboard and issue a Partial Refund for the difference ( view these instructions listed under "From the Dashboard"). Then use the message thread in the order screen to let the shopper know the good news and that they will see a credit on their credit card statement within 5-7 business days.

  Questions? We're here to help!

Drop us a line at support@locally.com.

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