Sync your location information between Google and Locally with dbaPlatform

Our partner dbaPlatform is a leading solution provider for helping retailers manage their location information across the web. 

With our location sync integration, you can sync your location data seamlessly between Locally, dba, and your Google Business Profile for free. You'll manage your location data through dbaPlatform's dashboard, and the changes you make there sync to Google and Locally automatically.

dbaPlatform also offers paid packages that offers advanced features plus management of your location information on additional platforms like Apple, Bing, and hundreds more. 

Getting setup

Enable this feature in three easy steps: 

  1. Email and request enablement. 
  2. We will connect you with a dbaPlatform specialist who will guide you through setup
  3. Once that's ready, we will start sync'ing that data to Locally 

Managing your store information  

Once the sync is enabled for your stores, Locally will pull your data from dbaPlatform every three hours and update your Locally profile with any changes. Importantly, the data in dbaPlatform will override any changes you've made in your Locally profile. 

The following fields on Locally are updated: 

  • Store name
  • Address, city, zip, state, country, phone
  • Store Hours (Regular Hours, Special Hours, and Temporary Closures) 
  • Website and Social URLs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Adding and removing locations

If you are opening a new location, you'll configure that in DBA and then notify Locally to enable syncing: 

  1. Add the new location in dbaPlatform
  2. Send the new location details and the dba LocationID so we can enable sync'ing

To close a location, make the change in dbaPlatform and email to have it removed from your profile. 

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