Store Locator Design Options

Map Textures

Quick pick options are Locally Default, Streets, and Light.

Locally Default



  Design Team Option

Go to Mapbox Studio and design your custom tile and send it to us.

Map Pins

Map pins have 3 states: authorized, stocking, and rollover. Shops get upgraded to the stocking pin (we recommend using a brighter pin) when they upload inventory.

Your quick pick options are: Solid Brand Colors or Brand Logo Pins.

Solid Brand Colors

We will use your brand colors to create solid pins.

Brand Logo Pins
We will use your brand's logo to create branded pins.

 Design Team Option

Use the pin slug attached at the end of this article to design your own pin. We will need the 3 states as separate files sent back to us. If you'd like to do a different shape/design, 75 pixel x 100 pixel or 100 pixel x 100 pixel are general good sizes. It will need to be a png.

Accent Color

The accent color will be used for the border highlighting an active Store Locator choice and the left side bar options.


We can install 2 fonts per brand. The Store Name can be styled- Font, Proper or Uppercase, etc. The address information can be styled separately. If you are using fonts not available for free (like Google Fonts), please send us the font files.

Here is how to add visualizations yourself. We are always happy to assist or do this for you.

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