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Most brands track bill-to's or ship-to's, making it difficult to track the actual physical locations where your products are sold. To tackle this issue, Locally's master CRM Open StoreFront absorbs your dealer list and generates a list of "suggested stores" that weren't on your original dealer list but might carry your products.

For example: if you sell to a company that Locally knows has five open locations, but your provided dealer list only lists three of these locations on your dealer list, Locally will "suggest" the other two stores. These suggested stores are not live: they are provided to your team as a part of your dealer list audit for review.

This works for small chains, as well as for major chains such as Dick, REI, Hibbett Sports, Academy, etc.

Typically, brands will send Locally's suggested stores file to the sales team, who comb through the list and sends back a list of the stores they want to approve as carrying their products.

Contact us to have this run at any point.

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