Advanced Store Filters

With Locally’s Advanced Store Filters (additional fees may apply), you can segment dealers with multiple levels of categories, category types, and support multi-category selection and filtering. 

If you choose to use Advanced Store Locators, you will need to auto-sync your dealer lists.

Please note at this time, all filter options are global so it is important to coordinate for all regions to use the same categories as they will be visible globally. If a category isn't being used locally it will appear in the filter list but will be greyed out.

Take a look at the Salomon Store Locator for an example of Advanced Store Filters in action.

 Best Practice Recommendation

The Advanced Store Filter can support up to 50 categories. Based on your preferences, we typically recommend up to 5 top-level categories, 10 sub-categories, and 5 sub-levels. However, this can change based on your schema. Work with your Locally representative to discuss your options and develop a solution.

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