Dealer List Auto-Sync

If your system easily exports a dealer list file or you have a shared document that can be uploaded on Dropbox or SFTP, auto-sync is ideal.

Your dealer list file must contain the following required fields: 

  • Vendor ID: this is a unique code you generate for each location

  • Store Name

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • Zip

  • Phone

  • Country

The following fields are optional:

  • Categories

  • Email

  • URL

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

Geo-coordinates are now a supported value for auto-sync dealer lists! If you are including latitude and longitude data in your auto-sync file and wish for your coordinates to be used instead of Locally's coordinates, please reach out to let us know so we can configure your setup for this.

Column headers must match our column header name or an alias name:

Field Name

Alias Names


store, company_name, company, vendor_name, storename, account_name, company_name_-_store_finder, dba/ship to name, name 1, customer: customer name, customer name


address_1, addr, address1, address_line_1, address_1_-_store_finder, street, addr1


addr_2, addr2, address2, address_line_2, address_2_-_store_finder


town, city_-_store_finder


province, statecode, state/province, state/province__-_store_finder, state_prov, st


zip_code, postal_code, postalcode, zipcode, zip/postal_code, zip_-_store_finder, postal


country_code, countrycode, store_finder_-_country, country_-_store_finder, ctry


website, link, companyurl, web_address


ph, phonenumber, store phone, phone_number


category, cats, cat, specialty, category name


id, bp_code, company_number, no., vendor id/ uid, internal_id, uuid/vendor id, location code, address number


emailaddress, store email, email_address

latlatitude, address_latitude
lnglon, longitude, address_longitude

Syncing your file with Locally

Locally can sync with your dealer list file at most online destinations. The most popular are Dropbox or SFTP. 

  • Dropbox: setup a new Dropbox folder and title it “Locally.” Share the folder with and notify your Client Success Manager. Drop your file in the folder. Locally will link our system to scan this folder nightly and absorb any changes. 

  • SFTP: to push your file to us via SFTP, log into your Locally Dashboard and generate an SFTP Name/Password by going to Administrative > API & SFTP Credentials. Once set up, drop your file in the folder and let us know it is there. Locally will set-up our system to poll this path nightly and absorb any changes. 

  • S3: If your S3 bucket is public, please share the link to your dealer list file with us as If your S3 bucket is private, please send your S3 access key and the link to the S3 bucket with your dealer list file in it to Please also tell us the name of the dealer list file.

Making Automatic Updates

If you’re generating this list from an internal CRM that is automatically uploading the spreadsheet at a pre-determined frequency, Locally will scan your file nightly. Updates will appear every morning. Outlier data (incorrect or new store data) is reconciled within 48 hours during the business week.  

Additional details:

  • File Name: either ensure the file name is the same, or provide a file name scheme that includes a date or time-stamp that Locally can write an adaptor for. Contact your Client Success Manager for setup assistance and approval. 

  • Frequency: Locally syncs your data nightly (appx. midnight Eastern Time, UTC -5)

Making Updates

If you’re making periodic manual changes to a dealer list, simply save your updated spreadsheet to your shared Dropbox folder or SFTP destination. Ensure the file name is the same so it overwrites the previous file. If you change the file name, our system will not sync with the new file. 

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