Creating Files 

Files can be created from a SQL command and run as a batch file. Please see the .zip file attached at the end of this article for sample SQL scripts (these were generated by another retailer). Only create files for physical inventory. The file must contain the vendor UPC/EAN and quantity on hand. Optionally it may contain your price, which will be visible in select portions of our platform in a future update. The file must be a .csv, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx. Please see our general guidelines for any format questions. 

Adding UPC Data



Use AllWay Sync (Free) to move the files off the SQL server and to an SFTP server or Dropbox. To use Dropbox, create a folder, call it "Locally," share it with, and schedule your files to go to the shared folder. If you'd like to use an SFTP folder, please head here to generate those.

Technology Resources or (303) 692-8200.

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