Ascend *Premier Connection*

Setup your Inventory Feed

To setup your inventory feed using Ascend, follow the instructions on the Ascend site here. 

A few special notes for Ascend retailers:

  • Ascend updated these instructions in April 2021 to add a way to exclude certain products from being sent to Locally. If you enabled your inventory feed pre-April 2021 and want to enable this functionality, follow the updated instructions to update your script. The instructions for excluding products from being sent to Locally can be found here.
  • By default, Locally displays any product with a quantity of 1 or more as "In Stock." If products are in low supply  or moving quickly and you want to better preview to shoppers which products may be gone soon, we can display "Low Quantity Available" or a similar, custom message for you instead at a quantity threshold of your choosing. Simply email us and let us know the message and the quantity threshold to apply it at. For example: "Please display the message 'Low Quantity Available' for any product in my inventory that have a quantity of '1'"

Add UPCs to your products in Ascend. 

Locally requires UPCs in order to correctly display your in-store inventory. You can learn how to add and edit products in your Ascend system here

You can access all UPC data supported by the Locally system in your Locally account here

Manage Locally orders in Ascend

Locally and Ascend have collaborated on a deep integration that enables Ascend retailers to receive and manage their Locally orders for Store Pickup from within their Ascend eCommerce Sales portal. To learn how to set this up, follow the instructions in this article.

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