Aptos Store

We have the following instructions from a retailer that uses Aptos at their store. 

1. Reach out to Aptos to build a query that includes UPC, quantity on hand, price, and if necessary, location code.

  •     This report is created as a .TAB file. We can also accept .csv, .xlsx, .txt, and .xls files.
  •     This report should be refreshed every hour. 
  •     You can create the report to include store / UPC’s that have more than a certain amount on hand

2. Aptos moves the report to an export folder in Aptos once generated. The file name for each update should stay the same so that the updated report overwrites the previous file with each update.

3. You must have an internal process pick up the file in Aptos each hour and place the file on our SFTP for processing. 

4. You can generate SFTP credentials from your Locally account here

If you have additional instructions on how to generate an automated inventory feed in Aptos, please reach out to us at support@locally.com

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