ACCEO Smart Vendor

We do not have an automated connection with ACCEO Smart Vendor yet, but you can manually share your ACCEO Smart Vendor inventory with us by following the instructions below. 

  1. Open the Reporting section of your ACCEO Smart Vendor system.
  2. Select "Stock" under the list of reporting topics and then select "Stock History".
  3. Choose a pre-created report or build a custom report using the customization tool. Remember that inventory reports must include UPC/EAN and quantity on hand. You can also include price if you'd like.
  4. If you have any questions about how to set up and export an inventory report in your ACCEO Smart Vendor system, you can reach out to the ACCEO Smart Vendor support team here
  5. Export the file as a CSV file and transmit the file to Locally via SFTP, email, URL or Dropbox. Here are the instructions for sending us your report.
  6. Once you have sent the report the first time, reach out to to get your feed set up on our end. As long as the report is manually sent to us every 24 hours, your stock will stay live on our site as well as brand sites. 

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