Clover POS Reports2Mail App *Premier Connection*

Connect your inventory feed from Clover to Locally using the Reports2Mail app. Reports2Mail allows you to easily set up an inventory report containing UPC/EAN and quantity on hand and schedule the report to be emailed to Locally daily. The app costs $9.99/month on the Basic tier, which includes the type of inventory report that Locally requires. Reports2Mail offers a 30 day free trial on their app as well. 

  1. Download Reports2Mail in the Clover app store.
  2. Take the Mini Tour on your dashboard to familiarize yourself with the app. 
  3. When you are ready to create the report, click "Scheduler" on the left side menu. Then click the "Create New" button. 
  4. Select which inventory report you'd like to send us depending on which field your product UPC/EANs are stored in. For example, the "Stock by Item Code" or "Stock by Item SKU" reports will work well if your UPC/EANs are stored in either the Item Code or SKU field in your Clover system. 
  5. Select the location that this report should be created for. If you only have one location, skip this step by hitting the "Next" button. 
  6. Schedule your report to be sent to Locally daily. Select "Today" as the data period. 
  7. Enter your store's unique email address found in your Locally account. View your store's unique email address under "email method" here.
  8. Select CSV as your report format. 
  9. Save your report! Reach out to us at after you have set up your inventory feed using Reports2Mail and let us know what time of day you have scheduled the reports to be sent. We will make sure that your inventory feed gets set up in our system correctly once we receive your first file. 

Questions? Reach out to 

Additional Resources: Reports2Mail FAQ

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