How do dealer results get determined for the Product Locator?

Default dealer results settings

Locally's Product Locator will snap any stock match to the top of results within 45 miles from the shopper. When there are multiple stock matches near that shopper, they will be ranked based on proximity. Following stock matches, the Product Locator defaults to showing other nearby authorized dealers that either don't stock that item or don't provide an inventory feed to Locally, to allow a shopper to contact that store directly.

See the Dealer Locator custom options section for information on biasing stores of a certain category to always appear at the top of results, such as brand-owned stores, key accounts, etc.

Locally offers three ways to constrain the dealer results that display for specific products.

Option 1: Use categories to specify which dealers to display

You can use categories on your dealer list to restrict the results to only show dealers with a given category. To do so, simple add the line &category=XXX to your embed code's 'src' attribute. Results will be restricted to only show dealers that have been tagged with that category on your dealer list.

For example, if you have line of products that are only sold in bike shops, you can ensure that the dealer results for those Product Locators are only bike shops by adding a "bike" category tag to those dealers on your dealer list, and adding the line &category=bike to your embed code for those products.

Option 2: Only display dealers who have the item in stock

Utilizing this option means Locally's Product Locator will only show stock matches for your products. Other nearby dealers who either don't stock that particular item or don't provide an inventory feed will never appear in Product Locator results.

This setting is typically used with our "Hide entire product locator when item not in stock" setting, which makes the Product Locator disappear from your PDP completely if a shopper is looking at a product in an area where Locally has no nearby dealers showing as in-stock for this product.

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