How does zip code service area work?

Our Store Locator shows the nearest dealers to the user's detected or entered location, prioritizing dealers with inventory or any dealers that are being biasing via category tags.

If you have a scenario where you need a location to show up first in a given zip code, our 'zip code service area' feature allows you to specify that a location appear in search results in a specific area outside of where they would naturally appear. 

To use this feature:

  • You must use our auto-sync dealer list feature¬†
  • In the file you auto-sync to Locally, add a column titled `zip_code_service_area` and add zip codes to each listing. For multiple zip codes, use a comma or pipe [ | ] as a delimiter

Special notes to consider:

  • Using zip code service area does not exclude other dealers/reps from that zip code that would naturally appear there. We do not have a way to exclude dealers from an area.
  • The maximum number of zip codes supported per location is 20
  • You must define the list of zip codes for each location; Locally cannot provide you with a list of zip codes per territory, state, area, etc.

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