What price displays for our products on Locally?

Locally imports and displays your MSRP as the default price listed for your products. You'll provide MSRP during on-boarding and we'll update it seasonally or at a frequency determined with your team. 

Retailers can opt-in to displaying their in-store selling prices (more info here). These prices will display on retailer-specific properties like locally.com retailer pages and our extended marketing feature set for retailers. 

Brands have control over the price that is displayed on your brand site (Store Locator, Product Locator, and "Shop In Shop" Store Pages). You have the option of one of the following:

  1. Display MSRP (default)
  2. Allow retailer in-store prices to display

Regardless of the setting that you choose, if a retailer is providing in-store selling prices, a shopper will see their price once they've added a product to the cart. This way, the shopper is checking out using that actual price at the store. 

In the future, Locally will introduce an option for brands to import a "minimum display price," which will allow you to allow retailer prices to display on your site down to a price you choose. If a retailer's in-store price is lower than your minimum display price, your minimum display price will display instead. If you are interested in launching this feature, please let your Locally contact know. 

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