How do I add new Brand Stores to our tools?

If you're a brand that owns and operates your own retail stores, here's how to add new stores to your Locally-powered tools. 

Step 1: Create the new store

Start by creating the new store. Login to your Locally dashboard, and navigate to Stores & Dealers > Your Locations. In the top right, select "Create a New Store."

Fill out all of the required fields to create your store. If the store is opening in the future, we recommend setting your Store Name to something like "[Brand Store Name] - Opens in September!" This way, you can add it to your tools prior to opening to build anticipation without shoppers thinking it's open. 

Once you're finished, save the Store. This will not make this store "go-live" - that's what the next step is for. 

Step 2: Add the store to your authorized dealer list

Please do not use Internet Explorer for this step. 

In order for the store to show up on your live tools, you need to add it to your dealer list. If you're familiar with managing your dealer list through you Locally dashboard (instructions on that are here), this will be familiar to you. 

On your admin menu, navigate to Stores & Dealers > Manage your Dealer List

At the top right, click "Add New Dealers." Search our database by name, city, or postal code for the store you just added. 

 Important Note #1

You likely use a special category tag for your Brand Stores. If this applies to you, select the appropriate category and then click "Add This Dealer." If you use additional categories for your Locally tools that apply to this store, add them now. You can always go back and add them later too.

 Important Note #2

Once you add this store to your list, load your other brand stores and look at the "Category" column. Do you see `lcly-locked` entered for any stores? If so, add that category tag to the store you just added by adding it directly into the category field for that store. It automatically saves. This keeps your brand stores "locked" in place so they're not overwritten by another team making changes to your dealer list!

Once the store is added, refresh your Store Locator and confirm that the store has been added successfully. 

You can now go back and fine-tune the location details, and if you're using our "Shop In Shop" Store Pages, add store feature blocks to add content to the new Store Page.

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