We have clients using Tallysoft and generating daily data files. Retailers in the past have used SQL scripts (attached at the bottom of this article) to automate a report that contains at least these two values: [UPC, quantity]. The file can be a .csv or .txt file. 

Once the report is generated, we can accept the file via Dropbox, email, URL, or FTP.

Please contact your Tallysoft support team for help generating this file. 

Here are the methods that we can accept the file: 

  • S/FTP
    • To push your file to us via FTP/SFTP, generate them from your locally.com account or contact Locally for assistance. Once you have the credentials, drop your file(s) in the folder. Locally will link our system to poll this path several times per day and absorb any changes. 
    • Prefer to post your file(s) to your own S/FTP server, or already have a location where a compatible file already exists? Great! Provide Locally with access and we can pull your file(s) from this location. 

  • Email: Every store location in our system has a unique email address assigned that inventory files can be sent to. View it in your locally.com account under "Email Method" here.
  • Dropbox: Create a Dropbox folder and name it “Locally.” Share the folder with dropbox@locally.com and then notify retailers@locally.com. Drop your file(s) in the folder. Locally will link our system to scan this folder several times per day and absorb any changes. 
  • URL: We can pick up a file at a URL. Note that we can also do this with, for example, a Google Product Feed. If Quantity On Hand isn’t available in this feed, our system would treat a UPC/EAN’s presence as QOH=1 and its absence as QOH=0. Note that we cannot work with .xml files at this time.

The contact info we have is: James Gielarowski jimg@tallysoft.com

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