BikeDesk *Premier Connection*

If you're a BikeDesk user, you can effortlessly sync your inventory with using these simple steps to keep your inventory up-to-date on Locally's platform.

Syncing Your Inventory Data:

Step 1: Use Vendor UPC/EAN Codes

Make sure to use vendor UPC/EAN codes as barcodes in your BikeDesk system. This ensures accurate synchronization. You can access Locally's supported vendor catalogs in your Locally account using this link: Locally Catalog Downloads.

Step 2: Share Your BikeDesk "Bearer Token"

Send your BikeDesk "bearer token" to Locally at This token is crucial for secure data sharing. If you need help finding your "bearer token," reach out to:

Completion and Notification:

Once done, Locally will handle the setup. We'll set up the synchronization process, and you'll receive a notification as soon as it's live. Your inventory data will sync automatically with every day. This ensures your product listings are always accurate.

And that's it! If you have questions or run into issues, contact BikeDesk or Locally's support teams. 


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