Why am I not shown as a dealer for a brand that I carry?

When we manage a brand's authorized dealer list, only stores on this list are allowed to broadcast that brand's products and appear on that brand's on-site Locally-powered Product Locators and Dealer Locators. Typically, if you aren't appearing as an authorized dealer, it's because that brand accidentally left that store off of their list.

Beginning November, 2019, there is a new tool in your Locally toolbox to help you directly manage your brand-store relationships. For more information, go to https://www.locally.com/go/relationship-manager-for-retailers. Request access in your account. As we roll out this tool, we're auditing every company, so it may be several days after you request access before you can use the Relationship Manager. 

Please check this list of our brand partners. If there's a check in the Store Locator or Product Locator column, we manage their dealer list: https://www.locally.com/brand-partners

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