I don't use UPC/EAN, can I still get on Locally?

We require that a retailer use UPC/EAN codes to be able to get on Locally and broadcast your inventory to online shoppers. If you're making your own barcodes, those are inherently unique to your store, so we can't match your products to our master catalog. If you're not currently using UPC/EAN codes, this means transitioning to using UPC's/EAN codes in order to get on Locally.

Transitioning to UPC's/EAN codes is a simple and ultimately highly rewarding process. We recommend starting by picking one of our partner brands that you carry and add their UPC/EAN codes. You'll then set up your inventory feed for just that brand. As you continue to add more UPC/EAN codes, your feed will automatically update with the new products.

All of the UPC/EAN codes for our partner brands are available for download in your Locally account here

We've worked with countless retailers to switch to UPC/EAN codes so they could get on Locally. Not a single one has ever looked back. Let us help you make a plan.

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