There are products missing from my inventory feed. Why?

Think of Locally as a switchboard: we put out whatever is put into our system. Sometimes products are missing from retailers' inventory feeds, and it is typically due to one of the issues below.

We’re not receiving the UPCs in your inventory report.

Download an audit here to see what our system sees in your file. Check to see if the missing UPCs are in here. If they are not, add them to your Point of Sale system and Locally will receive them on your next sync. If they are, proceed to step 2.

You're not authorized for that brand on Locally.

If you’re sending the UPCs but they’re still not appearing, check if any products are appearing for that brand. If no, you may not be authorized for that brand (which in Locally-speak means, "included on their dealer list"). Please review your brand authorizations here. Follow these instructions to request to be added to the dealer list for any of our brand partners

That UPC is not in the catalog that we received from the brand.

Sometimes brands leave products out of their catalogs. Download their catalog here and search for your UPC in there. Note: These catalogs are updated weekly. If it's a new product, hang tight and check back within a week. 

Our catalog data is incorrect/incomplete.

If you’re sending us the UPCs and you are authorized for that brand, there may be an issue with the catalog we have for that brand. It could be a missing image, size, etc. Please email us and include the following: 

  1. The UPC or UPCs that are missing 

  2. The brand and product name for the UPCs, as well as any other pertinent info (size/color) 

  3. A screenshot of the product in-stock in your Point of Sale system, and/or the inventory file you are sending Locally with the UPC appearing as in-stock

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