How much does everything cost?

First, here is what's available at no cost to retailers.

Thanks to Locally's Brand Partners, there is no cost to retailers to claim your account and utilize many of our core platform features such as: 

  • Managing and enhancing your store information on brand sites (info)
  • Using Relationship Manager to show up on missing brand sites (info)
  • Broadcasting your inventory to online shoppers (info)
  • Accessing brand product catalogs (info)
  • Promoting events on brand sites (info)

Additionally, any retailer who is accepting Buy It Locally transactions can:

  • Use our "Locally Pages" and "Locally Pages for Facebook" tools  (info)
  • Offer Coupon Codes (info)
  • Display in-store prices on Locally (info)

If you head to, Steps 1 through 3 are entirely free for stores. Plus, some of our extended features within Step 5 are free too (as long as a retailer is enrolled in Buy It Locally).

Paid retailer features include accepting transactions and utilizing our extended feature set. Pricing is outlined here.  

Buy It Locally Transactions

Reservations for In-Store Pickup

Locally charges 3.5% on reservations for in-store pickup. If the shopper does not show up to the store or shows up but leaves without purchasing anything, set the corresponding order resolution status on that Locally order and the fee is waived. Head here for a refresher on setting order resolution statuses (see section: "How much does Buy It Locally cost?"). 

You can set an order resolution status for orders dating back 30 days. If you change an order resolution status for an order after the monthly invoice has been generated and the order is more 5 days old, the fee will be issued as a credit on your next invoice. An invoice is generated monthly for all successful transactions for the previous month and charged to the credit card on file.  

Payments for In-Store Pickup

Locally charges 3.5% on successful payments for in-store pickup. Stripe, our payment processor, also charges 2.9% + $0.30 per successful card charge in the US and Canada. Stripe's fee varies by market, please view for fees in your country. Stripe's fee is taken out of the transaction.

An invoice for the Locally fee is generated monthly for all successful transactions for the previous month and charged to the credit card on file. Stripe's fee is incurred within each transaction.  

Same-Day Delivery

There is no monthly fee to use Same-Day Delivery. Locally charges 3.5% on each order, and Stripe, our payment processor, charges 2.9% + $0.30 per successful card charge in the US and Canada.

Locally's 3.5% transaction fees are billed monthly for all successful transactions in the month prior. See Offer Same-Day Delivery with Locally for more details.

Auto-Cancelled Orders

All orders that are auto-cancelled due to a lack of response from the retailer will be charged the 3.5% transaction fee.

Ship to Store

There is no cost to accept Ship to Store transactions. The brand designates the amount of revenue that's split between the brand and the retailer per order, less Locally and credit card processing fees. On your Order Screen, you'll see a section for "Retailer Disbursement" which indicates the expected payout to you, the retailer, on that order. Your Billing Statements show you the total amount owed in a given month. 

If you receive a return, your balance may turn negative, in which case Locally will debit you for the cost of the product by charging your credit card on file or debiting your Stripe account. For more information on accepting Ship to Store transactions, head here

Google "See What's In Store"

Locally charges $50/mo per location to activate live inventory on Google through our "See What's In Store" charge. Tiered pricing is available for retailers with 20+ locations. Billing begins when on-boarding begins. See Add Your Inventory to Google with Locally for more details.

Sync Locally Shopify Connector

Locally charges $99/mo for the underlying product feed that powers the Sync Locally app. This is billed by Locally, once a month. The Sync Locally app costs $39-49/mo (based on a monthly vs. annual subscription) and is billed to you by Sync Locally. Additional Shopify site development services are also available. See Sell on Shopify with Sync Locally for more details.  

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