RICS *Premier Connection*

Locally has a seamless, direct API connection with RICS that allows you to effortlessly broadcast your inventory. Locally receives two pieces of data from your store via RICS: UPC, Quantity on Hand. RICS transmits changes to your on-hand inventory quantities in real-time. So every time you sell a pair of shoes, RICS communicates that change to Locally in the background, to keep the availability we're displaying for your store as close as "up to the minute" as possible.

The Locally/RICS integration is free and is utilized by hundreds of stores.


To activate the integration, email help@ricssoftware.com and ask them to activate the Locally integration for your store(s). They'll have you sign off on an authorization, and then will put you in the queue to be activated.

When they've activated the integration for you, make sure you switch every brand in your POS to "Sellable Online" for the inventory to flow to Locally. RICS only sends us data for brands that you have listed as sellable online. We recommend you set all brands to Sellable Online at this time, so when brands go live on Locally, your inventory will automatically start appearing.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Enable Your In-Store Prices on Locally

Locally's real-time RICS connection does not include in-store prices. If you are interested in displaying your in-store prices on Locally, there is a daily inventory report that can be set up for your shop in RICS. Please reach out to support@locally.com to get your inventory report with in-store prices set up. Learn more about displaying your in-store prices on Locally.

Don't Use UPC Codes?

Locally does require the use of vendor UPC codes, as your store generated SKUs are inherently unique to your store. If you're not already using UPC codes, RICS makes it easy to import the UPC data into your system. Click here for an article from RICS on how to perform this task.

Locally also hosts complete product catalogs for all Locally partner brands. Login to your locally account, and on the left menu, select "Inventory" and then "Brand Catalogs." Download away!

Need to Remove a Specific Product from your Feed?

First, load the style in RICS, and deselect "sellable online" for that product. Second, we need to reset your feed. To do this, contact us and tell us: "I need to reset my RICS feed because I need to remove [specific product(s)] from showing in my feed." We'll queue that reset with RICS and it'll be gone.

How to Process a Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) Order Through RICS

Please see the PDF attached to the end of this article for more information on recording sales in RICS.

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