Retail Pro v8

Adding UPC Data

UPC fields are native to Retail Pro. There are also multiple UPC import tools available for version 8.x (bridge) that can help you automate the import of inventory data. See your Retail Pro dealer for more details.

Creating Files

Retail Pro v8.x includes a reporting function and a easy to use application scheduler that can be configured to export a list of in-stock UPC's and Quantities as often as you'd like.

First, create a SUMMARY report for each of your stores. Give them unique names.

If you have multiple stores, you will need to set up a filter for each that defines the specific store's inventory.

Once you have a report for each location, now, create a GROUP that contains all of your Summary Reports.

Once you have set up Reports and Groups, you'll need to SCHEDULE them to be created. Open Scheduler and create a new job. Note that the Parameters are defined by your Group name.

Make sure Scheduler is running at all times.

Once scheduler creates the files, they will appear in the Print folder.

Use Windows Task Scheduler to move files from \Retail\RPro\Print to DropBox.


If you need help automating the file creation or movement, contact your Retail Pro Support Team or one of the resources below.

Technology Resources

R-Tech Centers, Big Hairy Dog, RSIOB, Retail Dimensions

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