RetailEdge *Premier Connection*

We have a Premier Integration with RetailEdge for users on the gold-level service plan.

  1. Claim your Locally account.
  2. Use vendor UPCs in RetailEdge in either the UPC1, UPC2, or Stock Number field (you can only send one). If you need any vendor UPCs, you can access all of our supported catalogs in your Locally account here.
  3. Sign in to your Locally account and generate FTP credentials here. Be sure to copy your password when it's generated or else you'll have to generate new credentials.
  4. Open RetailEdge.
  5. Press the RECAP button in the status bar on the bottom of the main RetailEdge form.
  6. Click the Locally panel in the RECAP Control Center 

  7. Choose "Settings" in the Locally Application 

  8. Set up the General Settings. To do this:
    1. Check the "Turn Locally Integration On" checkbox to turn on the integration. Enter the Locally FTP username and password generated from the Locally site.
    2. Set the timer to the number of minutes you want RetailEdge to wait between sending a file. You can set the timer to 0 if you want to manually send the file. You can manually send the file by pressing the "Export Items to Locally" button on the main Locally application screen. Remember that the timer starts when you start RetailEdge. So if you are setting a large number of minutes (1440 min/day) then the file may never be sent if you exit RetailEdge at night.
    3. Select the RetailEdge UPC field name that stores the UPC value to be sent to Locally. You can currently use the UPC1, UPC2 or Stock Number field.
    4. Select the items to send. You can send ALL items with non-blank UPC Field Value or you can send items that match a specific filter (e.g., send all items that have "Locally" in the item’s User Field 1 field).

  1. Set up the product request locations. You can select to send item quantities from one location or combine quantities from selected locations.

    If there is a problem, you can check the logs by choosing "View Logs" on the main Locally screen. This will show you the time the file was sent and what was happening when the error occurred.

  1. Let us know that your feed is ready to be wired up!

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