iZettle Pro *Premier Connection*

  1. Access your Backoffice web portal
  2. Run a report that includes the UPC/EAN, quantity on hand, and price of each of your products. Include your store price if possible (retailers-specific pricing will be included in a future platform update)
  3. Select "Nightly Email" under Settings
  4. Configure the report to by sent to your store's unique inventory email address (View it under your Locally.com account under "Email Method" here)
  5. Submit a ticket here to let us know you've sent us your file, and we can filter it for the UPC/EAN, price, and quantity on hand
  6. Don't use UPC/EAN? See here
  7. If you own multiple stores, you'll need to generate a report for each store. Simply let us know which file name is for which location

For more help getting started with iZettle Pro, see these instructions relevant to generating reports and configuring a nightly email, or contact help.pro@izettle.com and send them Locally's inventory instructions. Please cc retailers@locally.com on this email so we can assist! 

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