Imagine Retail *Premier Connection*

Below are the steps to create an inventory feed for Locally. Complete these few steps and Imagine will automatically send the inventory to Locally. 

  1. Generate FTP credentials within your Locally account. Write down the server, username, & password
  2. In Imagine: use Setup – Templates
    • Create one new shopping cart export template for CSV Inventory Export
    • The template should contain: Barcode, Quantity, and Price. 
    • If you have multiple locations this template name can be used for every store
  3. Use Shopping Cart – Web Site Setup to create a web site
    • Create a web site for each store location you intend to show on Locally
    • Mark the web site as CSV type
    • Enter the FTP server ( and credentials (user & pass) you generated in your Locally dashboard
    • Check that you are only sending sizes with a valid barcode
    • Enter the template name you create above under Inventory template name
    • In the automatic section for Full Export select how often you want to send the inventory to Locally (at least once daily, or as often as every hour). 
  4. The Imagine shopping cart service will now automatically create the CSV file and send via FTP to Locally
  5. Email when you are finished with the subject line "Activate Imagine Retail connection." If you included your prices in the report, please let Locally know that you've done so.

Please contact Imagine support at for assistance

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