Yuzer *Premier Connection*

You can now set up an automated inventory feed from Yuzer to Locally. Please follow the instructions below to get set up! 

1. Generate SFTP credentials from your Locally account here

2.  In your Yuzer system go to Administration > Automates > Stock menu, then select the "New" button. 

3. Complete the export format screen. Make sure to select the csv format and UPC/EAN, quantity, and price columns for the report. 

4. Then, go to the SFTP server tab. Enter the SFTP credentials that you generated in Step 1. 

5. Next, go to the Filters tab and add any filters that you would like. We recommend that stores send their complete inventory as we are always adding new Brand Partners and product catalogs to our system. Our system also ignores any UPC/EANs that it does not recognize. 

6. Click "Ok" to finish setting up the report. This will trigger an inventory export to Locally once per day. 

7. Reach out to us at support@locally.com so that we can connect your inventory file to your store. 

Questions? Reach out to us at support@locally.com or your support team at Yuzer. 

   Next Step:   Activate Buy It Locally 

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