Step 4: Accept transactions for in-store pickup with "Buy It Locally"

Once your inventory is live, let shoppers reserve or purchase any of your available products for in-store pickup from anywhere on Locally's platform with our "Buy It Locally" transaction feature.

How does Buy It Locally work?

When a shopper on Locally sees that an item is in-stock at your store, they'll also see they have the option to "Reserve Online, Pickup In Store" and/or "Pay Online, Pickup In Store". To check-out, a shopper will enter their contact information and payment info, when applicable. 

Once the shopper completes check-out you'll receive a notification with the order details. You'll then fulfill the request and confirm back to the shopper that the item is waiting to be picked up. Buy It Locally is message-based, so throughout the process the store and the shopper can exchange messages back and forth to one another regarding the order. 

How are stores notified of orders?

Stores can receive order notifications via email, text message (SMS), or both. Each notification contains a unique URL for an order page that contains the shopper's name and contact info, the product(s) they are requesting to pickup, and where the order originated from.  

  • A store must designate at least one recipients to receive ALL notifications, but can add as many additional recipients as you'd like. Recipients can be set to receive all notifications, or scheduled to only receive notifications during certain days/times
  • You won't receive notifications at all hours of the day! Stores are only notified of orders during business hours. If a shopper places an order outside of your business hours, they are told they'll hear back when you open, and you won't receive the notification until you open next. 
  • Stores must respond to requests within four business hours of the notification. Locally sends a reminder every 30 minutes. If four business hours go by without the shopper receiving a response from your store, the transaction is automatically cancelled. At that time you will have received seven reminders. 

What if a shopper requests an item that is no longer available?

If you receive an order you can't fulfill, you'll open the order and uncheck "Confirm Item is Being Held." This will prompt you to send a message to the shopper. Explain why you cannot hold the item, and use this as an opportunity to salvage the sale by recommending another product, etc. If you need to cancel the order for any reason you can do so by selecting "More," and then "Cancel Order" 

How are Payments processed?

To offer "Pay Online Pickup In Store," you'll connect or setup an account with Stripe, our payment processor, which only takes a few minutes. This is done through your Locally dashboard. 

When a shopper places a "Buy Online Pickup In Store" order, their credit card is authorized when the order is placed, but the card isn't actually charged until you receive the request and confirm the order. Once confirmed, the money is directly deposited into your Stripe account on a rolling basis, within 48 hours. If you need to refund the order at any time, follow these instructions

How much does Buy It Locally cost?

On reservations for in-store pickup, Locally charges a 3.5% transaction fee on the MSRP of the order unless the shopper never shows up at your store. Note that Locally is currently waiving this charge. Billing for reservations for in-store pickup will go into effect November 2019. On payments for in-store pickup, Locally charges a 3.5% transaction fee. Stripe's payment processing fee is 2.9% +$.30 per order.

Setting Up Buy It Locally

First, login to your account and click Buy It Locally™ > Setup & Configuration on your dashboard.

Start by selecting if you'd like to offer Reservations only, Payments only, or both. Most stores offer both. 

Next, add who should receive order notifications. Each store must have one contact designated to receive ALL notifications. Additional users can receive all notifications, or receive notifications during certain days and times. Remember, Locally only sends notifications during business hours.

Finally, enter your billing information and local tax rate. If you're accepting payments for in-store pickup, link your Stripe account.

Finally, triple check to make sure you have added your store hours for all of your locations. To do this, head here and follow the instructions for adding store hours. Locally cannot activate Buy It Locally for you without store hours. 

Once your setup is complete, email us and let us know you're ready. Please include the name of your company in your email!

We'll do a quick check to make sure your inventory is up to date, your store hours are added, and your Buy It Locally™ setup looks good. We'll then place a test hold so that you can try out the system and make sure your staff receives their notifications, and you're all set!

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