Wasp QuickStore POS

We are actively seeking retailers to help us make Wasp QuickStore a "Premier Connection." If you use this system, please contact us today!

  1. Access your InventoryControl Report List
  2. Run any of the reports that includes UPC/EAN, Quantity on hand, Price, and Location (if you have multiple stores), such as the "Inventory Detail Report". Include your store price if you have the option to (retailer-specific pricing will be included in future platform updates).
  3. Select only these parameters, and schedule the report to run at least once per day
  4. Save your report as one of the following file types: .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .txt
  5. Send your file to Locally through SFTP, Email, Dropbox, or URL (See here for more instructions on uploading your inventory)
  6. Don't use UPC/EAN? See here

For more help getting started with Wasp QuickStore POS, please contact Wasp Barcode Technologies's support team here and send them with Locally's inventory instructions.

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