Same-Day Delivery: Help for Stores

Who do I contact if I have a problem with an order?

If you have an issue during a delivery such as a driver not showing up, not delivering an item, or any other issue related to the delivery itself, call Postmates at (866) 570-6466. 

You will need your Postmates order ID. Soon you’ll be able to find your Postmates order ID on your Locally order screen. In the meantime, access it by clicking the “Tracking” link on your Locally order screen and finding it in the URL. It starts with “del_”.

What if a driver picks up an item but doesn’t deliver it?

Contact Postmates at (866) 570-6466 and tell them your Postmates order ID. Soon you’ll be able to find your Postmates order ID at your delivery notification link, but in the meantime you can access it by clicking the “Tracking” link and finding it in the URL. It starts with “del_”. 

Postmates will open an investigation and, pending the results, may refund the cost of goods. In the meantime, refund the shopper so that they can either place a new order or simply be refunded their expenditure. Occasionally, Locally will have to submit a claim for you, which you can get started by contacting us here

Why did the courier return my customer's order to the store?

In your Locally dashboard, load your delivery settings panel. First, you can require the shopper to show their ID upon delivery. This is typically reserved for alcohol sales; however, you can enable this option for maximum verification. Second, and most commonly used, you can require the shopper to sign for the item upon delivery. This ensures that someone physically received the item and reduces the possibility that "porch pirates" will make off with it. 

If you're frequently getting items returned to your store, check your settings to see what dropoff requirements you have active. Ask drivers returning items to your store why they couldn't drop the item off to the shopper. Additionally, when you confirm that the item is available for the shopper, let them know that they'll need to be present for the delivery, if applicable.

What do I tell the customer if they didn't receive their order?
The most important thing is to communicate with the shopper and let them know what their options are every step of the way.
  • Is the item still at your store and would they like to void the transaction and start over? You can refund the item and the delivery fee from your Locally order screen and have the shopper place a new order.
  • Has a driver tried to deliver the item and been unable to do so? You can refund the shopper the cost of the item and have them place a new order, or they can come in and pick up the order.
  • If you refund a delivery fee, Postmates will—by default—charge you, the store, for the delivery. Please let us know if a delivery has failed so we can ensure you aren’t charged for a failed delivery. (See "What happens if I refund a delivery fee?" below for more info.)
It’s entirely up to you how to handle the situation, as long as you’re communicating with the shopper.
How do I refund an item or delivery fee?

Open your order notification link. To refund an item, click “Refund Item” in the lower-right. To refund a delivery fee, click the grey “Refund Delivery Fee” button on the right side of the page. Refunds can take several days to process, depending on the shopper’s financial institution, so be sure to let the shopper know that you’ve initiated the refund and that they should see it soon.

If an item is not yet marked as delivered—which happens when Postmates marks the delivery complete—the shopper has not yet been charged a delivery fee. A hold has been placed on their card, but if the item is not marked as delivered, that hold will drop off their credit card within a week.

What happens if I refund a delivery fee?

The shopper will be refunded their money if the delivery has been marked as complete by Postmates. If this happens, Postmates will—by default—charge you, the store, for the delivery. Please let us know if a delivery has failed so we can ensure you aren’t charged for a failed delivery. Please note that we must be alerted within 30 days and that the delivery must have failed as a result of Postmates, not due to the actions of the shopper or store.

Is this order fraudulent?

Stripe is our payment processor. Stripe has built-in fraud protection that audits credit or debit card information against several points to asses the likelihood of fraud. If a transaction doesn't pass those checks, Stripe will refuse the transaction. You can view these details on each order on your Stripe Dashboard.

However, this does not guarantee the absence of fraud. If you believe that a transaction may be suspect or fraudulent, you can refuse it at your discretion. Additionally, you can adjust your Stripe settings to have a higher threshold that each transaction must pass (a small fee applies). Please learn more about best practices mitigating fraud on Locally with Stripe here.

I need Locally’s help!

Submit a ticket here and include “Delivery issue” prominently in the subject line so we know it’s time sensitive. Our support desk is typically staffed 7 am – 7 pm Eastern / 4am – 4 pm Pacific, Monday – Friday (holiday exclusions apply). Include your Locally order ID and the specific information you need. 

Locally cannot control Postmates or their drivers; however, we’re happy to provide any information possible to help resolve the issue.

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