Ascend POS Users: Manage Locally orders in Ascend

Thanks to our collaboration with Ascend POS, Ascend now offers a robust order integration with Locally via our PushCart platform.

This integration is now live for Reserve Online, Pickup in Store (ROPIS) and Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) order types. If you are also offering Same-Day Delivery with Locally, please see "What transaction types can I fulfill in Ascend?" below.

What does the Ascend Locally integration mean for me?

Normally, Locally sends stores notifications about new orders via email or text message, and stores respond and manage orders through the Locally dashboard and order screens. With the Ascend Locally order integration, Locally Reservations and Payments for Store Pickup orders will display within Ascend in the eCommerce Sales screen, where you can reply and manage the orders without ever having to check your email or the Locally dashboard. Notifications regarding other transaction types, like Ship to Store and Same-Day Delivery, will still be delivered via email/text message and will not be shown in Ascend. 

How do I enable the Ascend/Locally order Integration? 

First, follow these instructions to enable this integration in Ascend. To do so, you will need your Locally Location IDs. If you need help finding them, open a ticket with us

Once the Ascend side is complete, go to your Buy It Locally Setup & Configuration screen and complete your setup and then request activation using the form at the last step. 

A few special notes:

  1. For retailers using the Ascend order integration for Store Pickup orders only (ROPIS and/or BOPIS), Step 2 (Notification Recipients) is optional. If you want to receive email or text notifications, add them here Step 2. If you would only like to receive order notifications in Ascend and not receive any notifications from Locally, you can skip this step. 
  2. However, Step 2 is only optional if you are NOT offering Same-Day Delivery. If you are offering Same-Day Delivery through Locally, you must enter at least one notification recipient in Step 2, as this order type does not yet import automatically into Ascend. See "What transaction types can I fulfill in Ascend?" below for more details. 
  3.  Make sure to check "Yes" when the form asks you if you use Ascend POS so we automatically enable that for you. We will enable you within 24 hours and send you an email and a test transaction when ready. 

What transaction types can I fulfill in Ascend?

Currently, orders that are reservations for store pickup and payments for store pickup will appear in Ascend. If you are offering Same-Day Delivery and/or Ship to Store on Locally, you must receive those order notifications via email and fulfill them through the Locally dashboard and Locally order screens. If this is the case, you'll also receive order notifications for Store Pickup orders, but you can continue to handle those transactions from within Ascend. 

I need help. Who should I contact?

If you need help with setup or an issue within Ascend, please contact Ascend's support team. If the issue is regarding Locally, please contact us by emailing or opening a ticket here and we'll get right back to you. 

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