Manage Locally orders in your own system with PushCart

Locally PushCart provides Point of Sale partners and individual retailers with API access to Locally orders, allowing you to build an integration to import and manage your orders within your own system. This way, instead of receiving order notifications via email and using the Locally order screens to update order statuses, you can receive those notifications directly in your POS or Order Management interface where your staff are spending their time. The shopper experience is identical, the only difference is on the back-end and how your staff get notified and respond to orders. 

If you're a Point of Sale system, you can use PushCart to build an integration that lets retailers manage Locally orders within your system's UI. Prospective Point of Sale systems should review our Pushcart documentation here and contact to learn more. 

Any individual retailer currently offering Buy It Locally transactions that uses a Point of Sale system or internal order management solution that does not already offer a Pushcart integration can also use PushCart to build your own DIY integration. There is no cost to use Pushcart. View our Pushcart documentation here and contact to learn more.

Please note that Pushcart currently supports Reserve Online Pickup In Store (ROPIS), and Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) transactions. Same-Day Delivery orders are not currently supported.

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