How to process Ship to Store orders

Congrats! A shopper has placed a Ship to Store through Locally for pickup at your store! Here's what to do.

Step 1: Order Notification

When a Ship to Store order is placed at your store: 

  • You'll be notified via email or text. As the store, nothing is needed from you at this time. The ball is in the brand's court; they are processing the order. You will get another notification when the brand ships the product. 
  • To view the order details, click the link in the email/text to open your order screen, or load your orders at any time from your Order History panel in your Locally dashboard.

Step 2: The order arrives at your store

When the order arrives your store, you are responsible for letting the customer know that their item is ready! Here's what to do:

  • Load the order screen using the link in the email, or from your Order History panel
  • On the order screen, click "Update Ship-to-Store Status" and change the order status to "Ready for Pickup." Click "Message the customer" to also include a message. 

When you do this, the customer is alerted so they know to come and pickup their order from your shop. 

Step 3: Customer Pickup

When the customer arrives to pick up their order:

  • Check their Photo ID and Credit Card and confirm their information matches the info on your Locally order screen. Take a photo of their ID and Credit Card for record keeping. If their information does not match, do not release the product and contact immediately. 
  • Once the shopper has the product, load the order screen and update the order status to "Picked Up"

That's it! You've completed the transaction. Friendly reminder: you are only paid out for orders marked "Picked Up" so don't forget this last step! 

Step 4: Ship to Store Payouts 

Locally remits proceeds to retailers monthly via Stripe or paper check around the second week of each month. Only orders marked as "Picked Up" in the previous month are paid out

You can view your Billing Statements here: 

To get paid, we need two things:

  • US ONLY: Fill out your remittance information. Go to and complete the page. Uploading the W-9 is required for stores in the US, please do not skip this step! 
  • Connect your Stripe account. A Stripe account is required to receive Ship to Store payouts directly to your bank account as of May 2023. NOTE: If you receive a payout for an order and then initiate a refund, leading to a negative statement balance, Locally will use Stripe to debit your bank account as well.
    Load Step 6 of the Buy It Locally Setup and Configuration to create and connect a Stripe account.

How do Ship to Store refunds/returns work? 

If a shopper requests a refund before the product is shipped out from the brand, the order simply ends there and no-one receives any payout for the order. 

Once a product is shipped from the brand to your store, you are responsible for issuing a refund from your Locally order screen and taking the product into your own inventory. When you issue the refund, your revenue credit from that order is reversed, and since you are taking the product into your own inventory, a debit for the wholesale cost of the item is applied to your statement and charged monthly against any credits you are due.

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